How Motherhood Has Changed Me (Part 2)


Forgive me for being sentimental and pensive for the past few weeks. I hope you will allow me to share more thoughts on motherhood. It is just that I feel like you are all my friends and you would understand how I feel. Do not worry, I have product reviews and DIY ideas lined up for the week so we should get back on track in no time.

I rarely have time to watch the news and today was one of those rare occasions that I finally had time to drink my coffee while watching the morning news. And I regret it! It made me paranoid. There was a kidnapping case and there is no update yet regarding the girl’s location. And there was another case of mass shooting in a school. I mean, what is happening to our world? There are crimes everywhere. How can we even feel secured amidst all these crimes happening all around us? It is especially tough for parents. You are almost reluctant to let your children go out of your house to play outside or spend the night at their friend’s house.

I guess this is one of those occasions wherein I can say that motherhood has changed me to become a different person. I have become so focused on ensuring the safety and protection of my little one. You can bet that I would do whatever it takes to shield her from any kind of harm. But I also know that I can only do so much. In the end, I have to let her go so that she can experience the world. But I tell you, my mind is never at peace until I see my little girl tucked safely in bed.

If only I were a real queen, I would make sure that peace and security reign in our land. But I am just a mom and all I can do is pray hard for my family’s safety every day.