Call me Queen B and I welcome you to my little kingdom


Call me Queen B and I welcome you to my little kingdom. I am the queen of our home and I take control of my life. I love my life and I want to share it with you.

Yes, affirmation is an important factor. I declare myself a queen, not because my husband made me his queen but just because I say so. But do not worry, I will not treat you as a subordinate. On the contrary, I am at your service as I share with you how I stay on top of my game. My life has undergone a lot of changes over the past years. After graduating from school, I landed a fulltime job, met the love of my life, got married, moved to a new home, became a mother, and gave up my career in the corporate world. Yes, I went through so many changes in barely a decade. But I can proudly say that through it all, I am the queen of all the seasons of my life. I chose to reign supreme over all matters affecting our daily life.
I believe that life should not be complicated. There is a solution to every problem. I know some of you would raise an eyebrow and say that it is easier said than done. But believe me, if we say this to ourselves long enough, then we can achieve simplicity in life.

Simple does not mean you do not go all out for your hobbies, holidays, makeovers, or whatever you feel like doing. Simple means taking it easy. Fewer complications, more fun, right? And that is how we should live our lives. Let us not make life any harder by doing things the hard way. There are life hacks to make things a little easier and help is always on the way.

Are you a stay at home mom who has her hands full with household chores and mommy and wife duties? We’ve got you covered. We have time management information, advice for taking care of your little ones, household cleaning hacks, and of course, tips on how to be a great wife while being on top of every situation. Are you feeling a little less pretty? We’ve got health and wellness blogs and articles, skincare product reviews, and healthy recipes to help you feel good, look good, and stay healthy.


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So again, this is your Queen B and I invite you to my little kingdom where love for family, friends, and life abound.